Rollout 2016

26250489346_5f878cf714_oWith a very succesful event, our team celebrated the highlight of the season so far. This was an evening to thank our friends, families and sponsors for the support without which the project would not be possible.

After a strenous and sleepless week of preparations, we invited our guests to the great atmosphere of the MVG-Museum to spend an interesting evening with us.

After everybody got to know each other and enjoyed the buffet, our guests were officially welcomed. It was followed by a short introduction about the union, where our colleagues from the TUfast Racing Team also had a chance to introduce themselves. In the following, each department presented its challenges, goals and innovations.


25673858083_ff49920dec_oSince the new track of the Shell Eco Marathon is more challenging than last year with some gradients, our team is working on the optimal driving strategy. This issue also kept our drive train team busy. Several concepts regarding the matter were presented. Goal of the running gear department was the improvement of last years steering mechanism and gaining advantage with lighter components and extensive testing. Our chassis also experienced considerable upgrades regarding aerodynamics and weight. After the presentations, all guests were taken on a 360° drive on last years track thanks to virtual reality. Finally, all sponsors were invited on stage and were given a small gift in memory of the cooperation.


At  last, with standing ovation, eLi16 drove in the hall. Isn’t she a beauty?

After everybody had the chance to have a close look at our vehicle, the evening came to an end.

There are two things left for us to state. First, we want to thank all our supporters. Thanks to all  our friends and families, helping us to live our dream. And of course a special thanks to the sponsors. Without your help, all of this would not have been possible. We hope to fulfill the trust you showed us.

And finally we have a message: We are ready for the upcoming competitions! Here we are! This is eli16! SEM 2016, here we come!


Teamfoto 2016

Starting into the new year

tufasteco1-2After a phase close to New Year, where most of us had to sacrifice a lot of our free time because of the exams, 2016 starts for us now. And with that, we start into the final stage for manufacturing our new prototype.

We retrieved our last year’s vehicle, eLi15, doing some testing in order to collect new data and to get our new driver settled in. In addition, we asked two of our newest members of the team to tell us about their experiences. The result, as you can read below, shows a nice insight into the life of the TUfast Eco Team.


Artur Grau Miarons (Body)/ Translated by Robin Esterer:
Carbon. That’s how the member of the Body-Department calls the material, which the entire semester is all about. In the TUfast Eco Team, this division takes on the huge job to give a body to our new prototype.

tufasteco1-11I was lucky enough to join this amazing group and as predicted, I learned an incredible lot during the last few months. We freshmen first had the job of laminating the cable ducts, where, under assistance, we learned about the cleansing, the application of release agent and how to laminate with prepreg fabric. A further procedure that was taught to us was the preparation of the monocoque for the autoclave. The whole body needs to be wrapped in an airtight bag, so that under the effects of pressure and heat, the layer of pre-preg can harden around the aluminum comb core of our composite sandwich panel. But in order to be able to laminate in the first place, a suitable form is needed. We had the opportunity to prepare the ones for the top cover and the wheel arches. Using a band saw we cut Ureol slabs to smaller blocks, which were then glued together in the particular shape that would be appropriate for the milling process.

As implied by our name, we are a team and this also implies interdepartmental assistance. For that, we helped other divisions, for instance with finding sponsors.

I now can safely claim, that joining the team was the most important decision in my university career so far.

See you at the competitions!


Marvin Doerr (Drive Train)/ Translated by Robin Esterer:

tufasteco1-5In the meantime, our department worked on the circuit diagrams for the remaining boards, for example the battery-management-system. Other, already manufactured boards where fitted with components and by now already got their software, including a consistent messaging protocol. With this, now the sensor board can communicate with the periphery board and exchange telemetry data. This data can already be seen on the specifically programmed graphical user interface of the control and navigation display of our driver.

In addition, the drive train team was able to gain new sponsors and push on the manufacturing of the motor.

With this support and the great team spirit, I am looking forward to the competitions!

Christmas Celebration 2015

After many months of work and dedication, a very successful year comes to an end. By winning the Shell Eco Marathon and the Educ-Eco, we have reached incredible goals and are now already working in the important phase of the new season. For that reason, we used the Christmas time as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and to thank our sponsors, without which none of the mentioned would have been possible.20151217_193714

Together with our colleges from the TUfast Racing Team, we set up our workshop for Christmas mood and, while eating our self-made food, were able to have some interesting conversations with our guests. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know our supporters and return the favor of interest. After short season retrospections by the team managers, one could enjoy mulled wine and a relaxed atmosphere with more conversations until the enjoyable evening came to an end.

At this point, we, as the whole team, want to thank everyone for the great support and wish a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year!




Testing at Munich Airport


After a short break we ramp up our development process for our next season’s car.
To reach higher efficiency, of course, we try to improve the car’s weight and the efficiency of our electronics. But in addition, we want to investigate and improve the rolling resistance of the tires. Therefore, it was very important to conduct all test runs under the same conditions.

Despite of the team being in the middle of their exams, we got our winning car eLi15 ready for another ride and went to Munich Airport. Luckily the airport provided us with a hangar, and so, ideal conditions for our tests. A flat and dry surface and no wind leading to useful reference data for our next tests as well as our development process.
To sum up, we could finish all our planned test runs and we gathered all the data we had planned to from this test event.

Finally, we want to express our thanks to Munich Airport for providing us with their hangar.

Watch the video below to get more impressions of this great day:





2015-10-12: Meet the TUfast Eco Team


We would like to invite all students interested in our project to join this year’s information and recruiting event.
We will provide you with more information about our project, our team and also our organisation.

Drop by on:
Thursday, October 22 at 6 pm
in room MW 1050 on Campus Garching, Mechanical Engineering building.

We look forward to meeting you!
TUfast ECO TEAM_square_500

One team, one dream – the TUfast Eco Team succeeds in Rotterdam

For over one year we have worked hard all day and all night on eLi15. We have spent many nights in the workshop aiming for the 1stplace at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015.

Of course, our success in Colomiers has given a great lift for our hopes. The result should be well known: the overall-win in the prototype category and the Grand Prix, which we have won on the track as well as 3 Off-Track Awards for design, motorization and the technical innovation.

© Marcel Van Hoorn/AP Images for Shell


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2015-05-22: People and Off-Track events at the Shell Eco-marathon

On day No.5 at the Shell Eco-marathon we took some time to look around on “the Ahoy” and tried to get an impression of the whole Event and realized that the Shell Eco-marathon is more than just a competition for university student teams.
The Shell Eco-marathon offers young primary students the possibility to discover different things starting from energy production to recycle processes and give a brief insight into the automotive industry, with its Off-Track events. All events cover a broad range of scientific topics and are aimed to increase the interest in technical issues and having fun in exploring something.

Starting with small experiments like building a hot-wire curcuit with clay, building a personal rubber band driven boat, play with optical illusions and laser pointer over to produce high voltage to create lightnings. Every single experiment show the students that science is not only just hard work, but having fun while exploring.

exp1 exp2

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