2014-06-26 - EducEco 2014 in Colomiers

Only one week after the competition in Rotterdam, the TUfast Eco Team made ist way to Colomiers (near Toulouse) in southern France. Within one week the team had worked intensively to further improve Eli 14, and to, on the one hand, find out, why our efforts had been rewarded with no more than 17th place at the Rotterdam competition and to increase the vehicles reliability on the other hand. As a third step, the well-known motor controller took the place of the new one, reason being the regulations of the French competition that permitted commercial products within this category.


2014-05-20 - Shell Eco-marathon 2014

Again in 2014 the TUfast Eco Team participated at the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) and of course the intention to have less excitement this year didn't come true. Thus, not only the good weather led to sweating.



2014-05-18 Shell Eco-marathon: Video summaries

An overview of our further daily video summaries, yet published just via Twitter and Facebook:

Day 4:

TUfast Eco Team - Shell Eco-marathon 2014 Day 4 - Testing from TUfast Eco Team on Vimeo.

Third video of our daily video update on the Shell Eco-marathon 2014 in Rotterdam.


2014-05-14 - SEM: Arrival, Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection

Compared to last year's Shell Eco-marathon, there is one great improvement this year: The weather. Prototype-vehicles are not allowed to drive, as long as it is raining. In general, good weather is an advantage: After our arrival in Rotterdam, we put up our tents without having it rain for the first time. On Tuesday it was even quite sunny. However, we couldn't take advantage of it, as we prepared for the "Technical Inspection". Along with other tasks, the brakes were adjusted and new sponsor's logos were put on eLi14. Thus, we spent almost the entire day inside the paddock area.


2014-05-09 - Getting in mood for this years Shell Eco-marathon

Next Friday 16th May, the first competition runs of this years Shell Eco-marathon will start. To get into the mood, we made a short video with a review of our dramatic yet successful story in 2013, featuring also a one minute interview with one of our team members.

A more detailed report in German can be found here.