11.02.17 Focus on Manufacturing!

The new year started as productive for us as the old ended. Already before Christmas, our manufacturers surprised us with the first components and the holidays were barely over, when the team members were returning and taking up the work again. So, the first chassis components left the oven and got demolded even before the lectures started again.

For the completion of the carbon works, we are still waiting for the last forms from our milling cutters, but from week to week our vehicle gets more recognizable. Additionally, small vehicle parts such as the mirrors are back from manufacturing and our guys provide the final touches.
Meanwhile, the running gear guys successfully tested the first components on stability and functionality and perform some post-production work.
Finally, also the drive train team has been advancing work with full power. The circuit diagrams and layouts of our boards are completed and now the focus moves on to the software development.


In general, the manufacturing phase of our Urban Concepts is progressing quickly and very successfully and we can hardly wait to present the vehicle in April and of course prove our work on the race track!

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