15.12.2016 TUfast Eco goes Urban Concept!

New Season, new concept! This year, we decided against designing a prototype for the Shell Eco-marathon. Instead, we take on a new challenge and move on to the Urban Concept class.
We can look back to many successful years within the Prototype class. Every year we worked on a new and better vehicle and surpassed ourselves technically. This summer, our efforts culminated in the record for the most efficient vehicle of the world. For some, this would be a reason to slow down a little bit and start focusing only on incremental improvements of our existing eLi16. This was never a real option for us – it was obvious that we had to find a new challenge. The decision fell on the entry to the “Urban Concept” – class.

But why exactly did we choose Urban Concept?

For quite a long time, we were playing around with ideas regarding a more realistic vehicle. We wanted to dive deeper into the world of automotive development. The Urban Concept category enables us to do so. Now, we can realize all the ideas, team members already collected and discussed for years. Most of them could not be implemented in former vehicles because of the strict focus on efficiency. Especially for many of our long-standing team colleagues, a small dream will be fulfilled.
Additionally, we strongly believe, that electric vehicles are the future of mobility. An Urban Concept now allows us to take another step towards this vision. We want to contribute to creating awareness for the all possibilities and the importance of “green” mobility.

And what is Urban Concept exactly?

Why is it so exciting and innovative? An Urban Concept differs in many important points from a Prototype because the focus moves away from sheer efficiency to at least limited road suitability. Basically, it is still all about creating a high efficient vehicle but additionally aligning the development and design with real live conditions and requirements. This means amongst others an upright seating position, a better weather resistance, a complete light system, the use of side door design and many things more.

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