2015-05-02: part 2 of our part presentation: the safety and control board

4 days before our first competition this season, we unveil another secrete of eLi15.

Safety and control board


The safety and control board supplies all electrical components with power. Voltage regulators set the voltage a.o. to 12 Volts for the horn, 5 Volts for the display, and to 3.3 Volts for the microcontroller. Within, the emergency shutdown circuitry cuts the power, after the emergency-off button is activated.

The board also contains a microcontroller featuring a CAN-connection, hereby allowing for various measurements and switching operations. In order to monitor power consumption, ammeters are placed in the input and output area. In addition to that, the 48 and the 12-Volt rail’s voltages are measured.

If every measuring-point delivers a correct signal and the displaycontroller puts out the starting signal via CAN-interface, a relay that supplies the motor controller with power, is activated.

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