2015-05-12: part 3 of our part presentation: the cover


Based on our decision to make use of GaAs-cells this year, we have adapted our design to the circumstances.

Thanks to the increased efficiency of the solar cells, they we take up even less space this season. In order to avoid unnecessary aerodynamic friction, the solar cells are fully integrated into the car’s shape.

The solar cells are placed in a strip at the very top of the car. This way, the efficiency concerning one-way solar radiation was improved considerably.

A flange is connected to the cover and is supported by its counterpart located at the top of the monocoque. This way, a better placement and a better positioning of the part are ensured. Additionally, the cover is fitted to the monocoque in the back, allowing for it to be fixed against relative motion.

The cover’s edge draws a far lower line towards the rear end of the car than the last years’ cars’ did. This way the powertrain and the rear wheel are easily accessible. This immensely boosts efficiency concerning work in these areas.

Due to differences concerning the regulations, this particular cover will only be used for the Shell Eco-marathon, instead of debuting during the Educ Eco competition.


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