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About Us

Who are we?

The TUfast Eco Team is designated for students at the Technical University of Munich who are motivated in the development of highly efficient vehicles, who wish to be involved in the development of autonomous software, to actively deal with the latest developments in electromobility and gain practical experiences through numerous opportunities. Our focus is on the development of innovative solutions through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our mission and motivation - that's what drives us!

Our goal is to develop and build an energy-efficient urban concept vehicle, in order to compete with international competitors, for instance, to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon. We have also been working on the autonomous driving for several years, which is still the main focus in the season 19/20. We would like to contribute in raising awareness of the possibilities and the importance of "green" mobility with our effort. Besides, we are working actively on future mobility and implementing the latest developments ourselves - these are things that motivate us.

Our current project muc019 +: Autonomous driving defines efficiency 

Since 2018, the participating teams in the Shell Eco Marathon have also been able to compete in driverless disciplines. From the beginning the TUfast Eco Team was interested in developing an autonomous vehicle. With muc018 this was successfully implemented for the first time and we were able to achieve the 2nd place in the autonomous category.

This season's goal is now to equip the latest car with an autonomous system that offers new functionalities to cope with new and more demanding tasks.

Such a project is interdisciplinary in many respects and requires a perfect interaction of software and hardware. 
For example, it is very important to install and commission the appropriate actuators. The vehicle is to be extended by a steering motor and an autonomous brake system. The precise calibration of the motors and their control is particularly important. The previously calculated trajectory of the vehicle should be run as accurately as possible. It is very important that the dynamics of the car are also taken into account, so that the vehicle behaves as desired regardless of external influences. 
The further development towards muc019+, as we have christened our project, is already in full swing and attempts are being made to combine a highly efficient design with autonomous functionalities through clever packaging. In addition, muc019+ is to be equipped with various environment sensors. The main component is the three cameras that will be mounted on the roof. One camera is equipped with a 190° wide-angle lens to cover the entire area in front of the vehicle. The other two together form a stereo camera, which makes it possible to estimate the distance to objects in front.  
The LiDAR sensor on the bonnet, which outputs a 3D point cloud of the environment, is also of particular importance. The sensor is positioned so that it can cover objects in front of the vehicle and a large part of the road ahead.  
The fusion of camera and LiDAR data is intended to combine the best of both worlds to create an accurate model of the environment. For example, image recognition provides information about the type of object and the LiDAR sensor provides information about where exactly this object is located in space.  
In addition, ultrasonic sensors are to be installed all around the vehicle. These can detect objects at a very close distance and should, for example, make it possible to park in a parking space.  

The main goal of this season is to participate in the "Autonomous Urban Concept" competition within the Shell Eco Marathon, as well as to participate in the efficiency competition of the Shell Eco Marathon. The "Autonomous Urban Concept" competition requires the car to independently master various driving disciplines without human intervention, such as driving on a track with gangs, identifying obstacles or parking.

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