Educ Eco 2017

Studenten der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen testen ein ECO-Elektrofahrzeug in einer Halle des Flughafens Muenchen / Flughafen Muenchen / Muenchen / 10.05.2017
Foto: Stephan Goerlich / FMG

After only a few test kilometers at the campus in Garching, as well as at the Munich Airport and the Audi Test track at the Munich Airport, the team packed everything and left for the first competition on May 18. The competition welcomed them with continuous light rain. No problem for muc017 which has to be water resistant due to the competition rules. On the first day, the team manged to pass the mechanical part of the technical inspection – only the electric system was not rules compliant. After a nightshift in the paddocks the team went to the technical inspection on Saturday morning for the electrical check-up. After admission the team had to wait until afternoon for the next open slot for the urban concept category. In the meantime the team prepared muc017 for the first run and the given track conditions: On May 20 at 5p.m. muc017 stared for the first official run. Due to an incident muc017 had to come to a full stop. A track marshal reacted immediately and gave muc017 a push, although we could have started again on our own. Nevertheless, Lasse Trockel, our driver at that run, finished the run without any further problems. But due to the push this run was not valid. Disappointed from recent action the team attended the Off-Track Award ceremony where the mood was changed into euphoria after the team was awarded with three Off-Track Awards in total.  muc017 was awarded with a special mention for the best powertrain, best driving strategy and the technical innovation award for several innovations in muc017.




Powered by the awards the team worked through the night to achieve a higher efficiency for the next and final run.
On Sunday, May 21, the car which was developed within only 10 months should get the honour to have a valid run and Lasse Trockel gave his best to make it real. About an hour after the start Lasse and muc017 crossed the finish line and the judges counted the run as valid. Yet, the final score was not announced, so the team had to wait for some more hours. But it didn’t matter at that time the team was happy to achieve a valid run with the first Urban Concept vehicle ever built by the team.
A few hours later the final award ceremony took place and the final result of the TUfast Eco Team was announced to call the team to the stage: 194km per kWh or computed in a fuel equivalent 1689km per litre Super 95! But the team not only won the urban concept category for battery electric vehicles furthermore they have won the Grand Prix of the urban concept category.
In total, the team together with muc017 has won 5 prices and many new experiences which could help them to continue their success at the Shell Eco-marathon in London this week. #neverendingdrive

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