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Most efficient electric vehicle

Alumni of the TUfast Eco Team set a new energy-efficiency world record in the category “most efficient electric vehicle” officially registered with Guinness World Records on the 16th of July 2016. The full report is available here. The result of 81.16 Wh/100k at an average speed of 25 km/h (same as the Shell Eco-marathon) can be calculated as energy-equivalent into the following units:

Wh/100km km/kWh km/l S95 l S95/100km mpg (S 95)
81,16 1232,27 10957,02 0,009127 25772,50

All pictures Copyright AUDI AG



Copyright AUDI AG

For the world record try, eLi14 was reactivated and upgraded. The following updates were implemented:

  • revised inverter-design
  • energy-optimised control electronics
  • new aerodynamic cover without solar cells
  • lightweight rims
  • reduced friction through hybrid ceramic bearings
  • model-based dimensioning of the drivetrain
  • electric motor with silver wire windings for reduced resistance losses

Additionally, we developed a device to measure the used electric energy (joulemeter) in-house. This device was approved of by the official judges.




Lisa Kugler

Team Manager (2013, 2014, 2015), Bulk head (2012), Driver (seit 2011)

Maxime Raab

Technical Director (2013), Drivetrain Modelling (2012)

Philipp Wurdak

Solar Cells (2015), Technical Director (2014), Division Management Drivetrain (2013), Electronics (2012), Fuel cell (2011)

David Kalwar

Power and Safety board (2015), Website, Media, Testing (2014), Division Management Drivetrain (2012), Motor & Gear (2011)

Maximilian Weigand

Division Management Chassis (2013), Chassis production (2012)

Klaus Hoschke

Division Management Chassis (until April 2014 and 2012), Wheel housing (2011)

Maximilian Amm

2016: Aerosimulation
2015 & 2014: Division managemer drivetrain
2013: PCB layout

Lukas Erlacher

Communication software and software integration (since 2015), Software (2014)

Martin Angerer

2014-2016: Motor control


We thank the following sponsors for their support of our project:


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