About us

Who are we?

The TUfast Eco Team is an opportunity for highly motivated students pursuing a degree at the Technical University Munich to get hands on experience in developing highly efficient vehicles and actively engage in the latest developments in electric mobility. The focus is on tackling many different technical challenges and developing innovative solutions for problems often through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our Mission

TUfast Eco is aiming at designing and building an energy efficient Urban Concept vehicle and participating with it at competitions throughout Europe e.g. the Shell Eco-marathon.  With their work the team wants to contribute to creating awareness for the all possibilities and the importance of “green” mobility.


Rollout 2018

  March 12th, 2018: Nine days until Rollout. The nights are getting longer and the sleeping periods shorter. The sight of a managing team member still sleeping in the office when the others arrive at 9am, is becoming the usual because he or she was still working two hours ago. 10 months earlier: Everything begins […]

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Shell Eco-marathon 2017

  After the victory at the EducEco in France on May 21st, there was not much time for the TUfast Eco Team to rest. On the same evening, we travelled to London, as we needed the following days for getting prepared for the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon. Compared to France, the competition in London had a […]

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Educ Eco 2017

After only a few test kilometers at the campus in Garching, as well as at the Munich Airport and the Audi Test track at the Munich Airport, the team packed everything and left for the first competition on May 18. The competition welcomed them with continuous light rain. No problem for muc017 which has to […]

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