About us

Who are we?

The TUfast Eco Team is an opportunity for highly motivated students pursuing a degree at the Technical University Munich to get hands on experience in developing highly efficient vehicles and actively engage in the latest developments in electric mobility. The focus is on tackling many different technical challenges and developing innovative solutions for problems often through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our Mission

TUfast Eco is aiming at designing and building an energy efficient Urban Concept vehicle and participating with it at competitions throughout Europe e.g. the Shell Eco-marathon.  With their work the team wants to contribute to creating awareness for the all possibilities and the importance of “green” mobility.


Rollout muc017

We proudly present our new vehicle muc017. On Wednesday, the 5th of April 2017, the official presentation of our Urban Concept took place at MVG Museum, just as in the previous year. Framed by historic streetcars, the star of the evening was shining even more. As every year, we were looking forward to this evening […]

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11.02.17 Focus on Manufacturing!

The new year started as productive for us as the old ended. Already before Christmas, our manufacturers surprised us with the first components and the holidays were barely over, when the team members were returning and taking up the work again. So, the first chassis components left the oven and got demolded even before the […]

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15.12.2016 TUfast Eco goes Urban Concept!

New Season, new concept! This year, we decided against designing a prototype for the Shell Eco-marathon. Instead, we take on a new challenge and move on to the Urban Concept class. We can look back to many successful years within the Prototype class. Every year we worked on a new and better vehicle and surpassed […]

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