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TUfast Eco is a student club aiming at creating an energy efficient prototype vehicle and participating with it at competitions. Our work consists of the design, construction, manufacturing and testing of the prototype. With our previous vehicles, we already succeeded at various contests throughout Europe. Hereby, we are supported by numerous corporate partners – the realization of our plans would not be possible without them.
Interested students are very welcome to apply and become part of the team. If you decide to join us, you will learn how to collaborate in a team, gain a lot of expert knowledge and apply your newly acquired skills right away hands on tasks and projects. Additionally, you can get in contact with many different and well-known companies and complete your internship, project study or thesis in cooperation with one of them.

Meet us:

  • 22.10.2018 Infoevent 7.15pm MW0001
  • 23.10.2018 Infoevent 7.15pm MW2001
  • 24.10.2018 “Tag der studentischen Initiativen” City Campus
  • 25.10.2018 Racing – Eco Combipackage, joined infoevent 6.00pm MW1050

Currently open positions:

  • Manufacturing Chassis muc019 (infiltration and prepreg process)
  • Development of  autonomous driving features 
  • Development of software architecture – autonomous driving
  • Support in construction and manufacturing of hardware – autonomous driving 
  • Development Android app for vehicle telemetry of muc018
  • Development engine test bench – automated test system in Matlab
  • Embedded programming – micro-controller 
  • Support – cable harness
  • Support sensor implementation
  • Construction engine/ gearbox test rig 
  • Construction brake test stand 
  • Construction carbon brake pedal 
  • Support in task force: road approval 
  • IT- Support: High- Performance Computing (TUfast- Cluster)
  • General IT- Support
  • Web Designer
  • Lead Generation
  • Key Account Management
  • Process optimization – relations
  • Event Management
  • Development Marketing strategy

Please send in a written application answering the following three questions with max. 100 words each.

  • Who am I? (former experience, academic progress, interests, …)
  • Why do I want to join TUfast Eco?
  • What do I want to learn and in which area would I like to support the team?

Please send your application and questions to or fill in the form at the end of the page.

  • If your application is convincing, you will be invited to a short interview. Here we will clarify, if and where you can support the TUfast Eco team and how we can benefit from your particular strengths.
  • Then you will pass through the TUfast Academy. This is our onboarding training for new team members, consisting of four modules, where you learn the essentials for working effectively and safely. No worries, there will be no exam afterwards!
  • Now you start your work: You will have your own assignment, a contact person to answer your questions. You will be part of the team and witness a complete vehicle become reality within months.


For questions regarding the application process, feel free to send us a message: