The TUfast Eco Team is a student association, aiming to develope, and manufacture a energy efficient prototype vehicle, in order to participate at competitions, where we repeatedly reached the podium. We are supported by many companies, which help us to realize our plans.

We invite interested students to get to know the TUfast Eco Team and become a part of the team. In addition to capacity for teamwork you acquire much expert knowledge und practical experience, which go in detail and extend possible existing knowledge from lectures.

Besides tasksin technical branches as chassis, running gear and power train, the TUfast Eco Team consists also of an orga team.
In the following section the tasks of each division are summarized.


The chassis team designs and manufactures the CFRP monocoque and all attachment parts. So everything is about the black fibres and how you bring them efficiently and easy in the desired form. You get to know the different production stages to a lightweight CFRP parts – from designing on a computer over milling of the forms to laminating and post processing of this material.

Running Gear:

In team running gear, all turns on things which move. It is the combination of different lightweight materials such as aluminium, titan or CFRP, too, making the vehicle gain momentum on the track. Our innovative concept of the integral rear axle design was in fact awarded.

Power Train:

Team power train makes the vehicle move. To make the energy from the accumulator reach our highly effective e-motor, it has to pass many wires, transistors and processors. A self-developed smart phone app gives information to our driver as well as the “pit crew” can see all about performance.


Last but not least – our orga team are the glue in our team. Their tasks are organizing several events, finding and maintaining sponsor contacts, making budget plans, administration of our website and media contacts and much more.
Furthermore we need a driver moving the vehicle safe and efficient at competitions and while testing.

Repeatedly there is the possibility to write scientific theses with and about the TUfast Eco Team in cooperation with university chairs. Some examples are:

  • CFD analysis of the chassis
  • Programming of an Android app
  • Analysis and dimensioning of an electro motor
  • Design of a new chassis

If you like to contribute to one of the most energy efficient vehicles in the world, we invite you to send a short e-mail to, just visit our office at room MW1150 in the mechanical engineering building or come to our weekly team meeting. We meet every thursday at 6 pm in room MW1050 or MW2050, which is also in the mechanical engineering building in Garching.

Your semester or your study subject are not a criterion. We want motivation and commitment – the rest can be learned.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!