2014-04-30 – Meeting with the Bavarian minister of economic affairs, Ilse Aigner

Through Shell, both Munich-based teams participating in the Shell Eco-marathon were invited to meet the Bavarian minister of economic affairs, Ilse Aigner.

This was why in the afternoon of April 30th, two prototype vehicles could be spotted in front of the ministry of state – the vehicle of Hydro2Motion of Hochschule München and our eLi14.

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2014-04-26 – “Warm Up” Testing Event

“This should have endured this load!” – this was the sentence that the TUfast Eco Team members mumbled a lot at the testing event.
What happened?
On April 26th the TUfast Eco Team tested its current vehicle, eLi14, as a “Warm Up” for the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam. This event was open for puplic and we invited our sponsors to take a look.

critical Look onto the test rig

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2014-04-25 – Test Session on April 26th

Invitation to our test session

We will have a “Warm Up” testing session open for the public on Saturday from 11am. Swing by to catch a look of our vehicle!
We will test eLi14 at Campus Garching near the mechanical engineering building on Saturday starting at 11am.

2014-04-17 – Behind-the-scenes Tour at Lufthansa Technik

After having tested our new vehicle at the Munich Airport, we had the possibility to take a behind-the-scenes tour at Lufthansa Technik (LHT).

TUfast Eco Team at Lufthansa Technik

As we entered the huge maintenance hangar with roughly 30000m² at the airport, a A330 and a A320 have been maintained. After a lot of general information and many questions about Lufthansa Technik, their tasks and a lot of technical details of the airplanes, we stepped in the long-haul one, the A330. Inside we inspected the common area for passengers, but also the rest room for the pilots and we were explained the cockpit. Of course, also the aero engine getting its service was very fascinating due to our technophilia.

After all, we want to say a big Thank You to Lufthansa Technik, making this very interesting tour possible.

Entering the A330 aero engine

2014-04-04 – TUfast Eco Team featured in the “Motion” magazine of Munich Airport (MUC)

The April edition of the “Motion” magazine of Munich Airport features a story about TUfast Eco Teams test drives in one of the airports cargo hangars. More on that in our news.

Bericht über das TUfast Eco Team in der App-Ausgabe des Motion-Magazins

We are excited about this media coverage, as the magazine has a high circulation rate and is read by many travelers waiting for their flights in the airport. Additionally to the print version, the magazine can be viewed on the airports homepage and even through their dedicated tablet-optimized app for Android or iOS.

We also finally edited a short video of our test runs at Munich Airport.

A big Thank You to Munich Airport for their invitation to host our test runs.

2014-03-06 – Part of the Month

From now on, we like to present a different part of our vehicle each month. Thereby, we try to describe the functionality of each part in articles easy to understand.
Our aim is therefore to give also people not having a technical background an understanding of the used techniques and thus conveying an impression of our vehicle.

To start with this category, in March we present the swing arm, which is the central part in the rear wheel suspension of eLi14.

2014-01-31 – Testing at MUC

As we wanted to test our vehicle during winter but didn’t want to go outside due to snow and gravel, we were very happy to be offered an opportunity for testing eLi14 in a large hall at the Munich airport. We want to thank the Munich airport very much for this possibility.

TUfast Eco Team while testing equipment for testing

Before the start there was some “Check-In” work to do but soon we were off.
The value of testing our vehicle thoroughly before entering it in its first competition was confirmed: Some problems became apparent, which are now to be addressed. Luckily our next competition, the “Shell Eco-marathon”, will take place in May so we have enough time for improvements.

eLi14 at MUC