Here, we answer questions that arise often.
You are welchome to send us further questions to E-Mail.

1. What’s the mileage of the vehicle?
At the Shell Eco-marathon 2013 in Rotterdam, we officially achieved a mileage of 958km/kWh. Converted to the energy content of normal petrol, this is about 8590km per litre or 0,0116 litre per 100km. To do the calculation otherwise, the vehicle driving at a speed of 25km/h consumes about 26W, which is comparable to a fluorescent light bulb or a laptop.

2. Who is the driver?
Since this season we have two drivers, Julia and Annkatrin. They take turns driving the vehicle, so we have no driver No.1. To ensure the most energy efficient driving but also not to have unfair competitions there is a minimum weight of the driver, ready to drive, of 50kg.

3. What’s the speed of the vehicle?
To optimize weight and to increase efficiency, the vehicle is designed for the optimum velocity at competitions of about 25-30km/h. At the SolarRace Región de Murcia in October 2012 we measured the so far highest velocity of eLi12: 56km/h. Higher velocities let a front wheel loose grip in curves and is therefore not recommended.

4. Where and when will the competitions take place?
The Shell Eco-marathon takes place in Mai whereby the place changes every three years – since 2012 it takes place in Rotterdam.
For the next season the event is moving to London.

5. Who funds the project?
Our project is almost completely dependent from donations and sponsors. Furthermore, we get a small fraction from the former college tuitions. Of course privat persons can support us with a donation, too.

6. Why this engagement?
This project offers the unique possibility of a whole product engineering process from scratch and we can learn from all the appearing problems practically. Furthermore, there is the possibility to write scientific theses with and about the TUfast Eco Team in cooperation with university chairs.

7. Can I contribute?
We are always glad about new members, to let the project become a well known institution at TU Munich. For the realization, donations and sponsors are necessary – which can be money or parts. If you and your company are interested in a close contact to TU Munich and to its students, get into touch with us via email to sponsoring.eco@tufast.de