The team TUfast arose from a student initiative in November 2002. The five founding members wanted to take more from studying than just lectures and tests into working life, because what you learn in lectures is just the tip of the iceberg – the technical background. But where to learn more about working under time and cost constraints, to take full responsibility for a task or things like teamwork and communication?

Even today, several years later, students of the TU Munich are working on their own vehicle projects. This means that each step – as in a professional setting – is taken over by the budding engineers.

The focus is always to improve the new vehicle by TUfast compared to its forerunner.

Currently, TUfast consists of two teams – the Racing Team with a combustion and electric car and the TUfast Eco Team. Each of them competing with other international teams resulting in permanent incentive to improve the own vehicle, too.

The TUfast Eco Team offers every student to benefit from this project, whether by working in the team permanently or supporting it in another way. We see ourselves as interface between university and industries. We organize several field trips and invite companies to visits at the university. We provide assistance in technical and organizational issues, such as in CAD and product data management or simply in questions about automotive engineering.

A further aspect, that is not to be scoffed at, are the exchange students at TU Munich, who worked in their home university in a team, who are glad to find something comparable in Munich. There is no easier way to get around in a foreign country, than discussing the experiences on a competition for hours, or just talking shop about technology.

Finally, we bring prospective students closer to the fascination of technology and science.