Rollout muc017

We proudly present our new vehicle muc017.

On Wednesday, the 5th of April 2017, the official presentation of our Urban Concept took place at MVG Museum, just as in the previous year. Framed by historic streetcars, the star of the evening was shining even more.
As every year, we were looking forward to this evening full of expectations and couldn’t wait to show the public, what we were working on for such a long time. The season began exciting, with the change to the Urban Concept category in July and of course everybody was curious, how we managed these new challenges. During the construction and the manufacturing phase, we experienced several minor and major problems and differences to the construction of a prototype vehicle. For example, we had to give up on the idea of a full carbon monocoque due to the size of the new vehicle and instead look into different opportunities of attaching the body parts together. Also seemingly simple parts, such as the windshield viper and the door hinge had their issues that had to be resolved.


Finally, we were able to manage all the challenges and all the work was forgotten, when we finally revealed muc017 together onstage. Together with our sponsors, families and friends, we were celebrating this special moment until the late evening.

Now we devote ourselves with full power to the perfection of the car – eventually, there is a little more than a month left for testing and resolving small problems, until the competition phase begins.


For more pictures of the evening see here.


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