Shell Eco-marathon 2017


After the victory at the EducEco in France on May 21st, there was not much time for the TUfast Eco Team to rest. On the same evening, we travelled to London, as we needed the following days for getting prepared for the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon. Compared to France, the competition in London had a noticeable stronger international focus. 171 teams from Europe and Africa were using the good weather as an opportunity to test their vehicles for the valuation runs at the weekend. Even – or especially after the shocking news of the terror attack in Manchester, the students of 24 different nations were still willing to send a symbol for international communication and friendship.

But even if there was a lot of talking and laughing besides the track, during the race and while working in the workshops, all teams were extremely ambitious to get the last mile out of their cars.

After a good testing phase, some troubles appeared and after the first valuation run on Friday the 26th it became clear: The motor controller got damaged and had to be replaced. Despite the heavy setback, the team was still optimistic and willing to show their capabilities. It moved heaven and earth and, finally, two spare controllers got flown in from Germany in the middle of the night. After an exhausting nightshift, the team had to stay focused. The competitors already scored with good results and TUfast Eco Team didn´t have a valid run, yet. The excitement was at a peak, when muc017 finally rolled to the starting line to manage ten laps on the challenging track. Beside dealing with a slope, especially stopping and restarting each lap– which should simulate the urban stop and go traffic – was a challenge for every Urban Concept. When muc017 – after travelling almost 16 km in 39 minutes – finally crossed the finish line, all were happy and when the positioning got public the team started cheering. mu017, a vehicle which was constructed, manufactured and build in only 10 months got second at the Shell Eco-marathon 2017. Only the winner of the last years, ISEN Toulon from France, got a better result.
Despite this remarkable success – which we owe our families, friends and most notable our faithful sponsors, the team is itching to return next year even more successfully.
We are not saying goodbye forever. London – see you next year! #neverendingdrive

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