Our car for the season of 2012/2013

The eLi12, based on the H-TU 11, was the new car for the Shell Eco-marathon 2012 in Rotterdam. Thanks to numerous new designs and improvements, as well as the conversion of the power system from fuel cell to batteries, we managed to reduce the weight of the car by a great margin and improved the driving range of the vehicle. In May 2012 we reached a range of 570 kilometres per kWh or ca. 5110 kilometres per litre of petrol equivalent which got us to fourth place in the “battery electric” class.
At the SolarRace 2012 further improvements of the car earned us the third place with a range of 521.65 km/kWh oder 4676 km/L. Additionally, the integral rear axle design of the eLi12plus won the “Technical Innovation” award of the race.

The direct successor with integrated solar cells is eLi12+.

Technical Details

Key Data

  • Carbon Monocoque
  • Weight: 26 kg (ready to drive)
  • Maximum Speed, nominal: 30 km/h
  • Maximum Speed, reached (so far): 56 km/h, measure in October 2012, SolarRace Región de Murcia.


  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque fabricated with Prepreg technology
  • Aluminium wafers as sandwich material
  • Weight without attachments: 8 kg
  • All attachments made from CFRP
  • Side windows made from Makrolon
  • Front window made from plexiglass

Power train

  • Lithium-Polymer accumulators as energy storage
  • Nominal power: 140W
  • Electric motor with energy recovery
  • Spur gear transmission


  • Small form factor
  • Self-developed wiring harness
  • Android Smartphone with custom app
    • Realtime broadcast of telemetry
    • Communication to driver

Running gear

  • 3 wheels for reduced rolling friction
  • Custom-designed and custom-made tubeless CFRP hollow chamber rims
  • Rear wheel steering (awarded the Technical Innovation Award, SolarRace Región de Murcia 10/2012)
  • Steering connected via bowden cable
  • Aerodynamically optimised front axle design
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Magnesium brake calipers
  • Polyamide steering arm

Pictures from the manufacturing