Our car for the season of 2014

eLi14 is an entirely new designed vehicle, which includes all crucial experiences acquired with each previous one.
In May 2014, eLi14 participated for the first time at a competition at the Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam. After that, it also participated at the EducEco in France.

Additionally, we could set the Guinness World Record “Most efficient electric vehicle”. To make this possible, we optimized eLi14 and upgraded it with the over the years gained experience. Especially essential for our success were our self-developed motor controller, the new motor with silver wire winding, the new top cover without solar panels and further adjustments at the running gear. The result was a range of 81,16 Wh/100km, 1232 km/kWh or 10956 km per liter gasoline.

Technical Details

Key Data

  • Monocoque made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP)
  • Mass: < 30 kg (ready to drive)
  • Design speed: 30 km/h
  • Propelled by an electromotor
  • Energy provided by LiPo batteries and solar cells


  • Aerodynamically optimized design
  • Differential construction for better accessibility
  • Supporting monocoque with separate front cover and non-supporting rear cover
  • Manufactured with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) Prepreg technology
  • ROHACELL ® as sandwich material
  • CFRP tooling with VAP process
  • 3D moulded front window made from acrylic glass
  • Side windows made from Makrolon ®

Power train

  • Lithium-Polymer batteries as energy storage
  • Solar cells as secondary energy source
  • Battery management system
  • Nominal power: 140W
  • Power consumption while maintaining 30 km/h on a flat surface: 30 W
  • Specifically designed electric motor
  • Chain transmission
  • Self-developed motor controller


  • Small form factor
  • Self-developed wiring harness
  • CAN-Bus for communication between components
  • Android Smartphone with custom app
    • Realtime broadcast of telemetry
    • Communication to driver
    • Rearview camera to reduce the blind spot

Running gear

  • 3 wheels for reduced rolling friction
  • Custom-designed and custom-made tubeless CFRP hollow chamber rims
  • Rear wheel propelled and used for steering
  • Specifically designed kinematics of the rear axle for reduced rolling friction while cornering
  • Steering connected via bowden cable
  • Aerodynamically optimised front axle design
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Magnesium brake calibers
  • Aluminium steering arm