H-TU 11

Our vehicle for the season of 2011

The development of the first vehicle – which was named “H-TU 11” – of the TUfast e.V. Eco Team lasted about 2 years. It was finished on time for the Shell Eco-marathon 2011 at the Lausitzring. This gave us good experience for the development of future vehicles.

Technical Details

Key Data

  • Carbon Monocoque
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Maximum Speed 34 km/h
  • range (converted): over 2000 km per litre of fuel


  • CFRP monocoque fabricated with Prepreg technology
  • Aluminium wafers as sandwich material
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • All attachments made from CFRP
  • Windows made from Makrolon

Power train

  • Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
  • Peak power: 1100W
  • Tank: 0,4 l hydrogen at 200 bar (1,4 kg)
  • Electric motor (Robodrive)
  • Spur gear transmission


  • small form factor
  • self-developed wiring harness

Running gear

  • 3 wheels for reduced rolling friction
  • Custom-designed and custom-made tubeless CFRP hollow chamber rims
  • Rear axle with ball joint
  • steering via bowden cable
  • aerodynamically optimised front axle design
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • magnesium brake calipers
  • Hybrid steering arm made from aluminium and CFRP

CAD modell of our vehicle

Rendering Prototyp
Rendered view of the prototype