Our vehicle of the season 2016


So far eLi16 has participated at the EducEco Challenge in Colomiers, France, the Shell Eco-marathon Challenger Event in Le Mans, France and the regular Shell Eco-marathon Europe, which took place in London this year. At the Shell Eco-marathon, an additional challenge was the ascending track, eLi16 proofed here it’s reliability and efficiency once again.

Due to differences within regulations, eLi16 competed with two different variations – one vehicle with silicon solar panels for the EducEco, one without for the Shell Eco-marathon.

Also, one major innovation was the implementation of our driving automatism, which automatically adapts the vehicle’s speed and acceleration according to an optimized driving strategy. 

Competitions: Achievements in the “Battery Electric Prototype” class 

Shell Eco Marathon Europe

-   1st place Overall Winner Prototype
-   1st place Battery Electric (1400km/kWh, equals 12184 km/l
-   Winner of „Mathworks MATLAB Awards“ for the best simulation

Educ Eco

-   • 3rd place (634.7km/kWh, equals 7702 km/l Super Plus95)

Key Data



Power Train


Key Data

  •   Monocoque made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)
  •   Mass: about 25 kg (ready to drive)
  •   Design speed: 30 km/h
  •   Propelled by an electromotor
  •   Energy provided by LiPo batteries and solar cell 

Power Train

  •   Lithium-Polymer batteries as energy storage
  •   Solar cells as secondary energy source
  •   Battery management system
  •   Nominal power: 180W
  •   Power consumption while maintaining 30 km/h on a flat surface: 30 W
  •   Specifically designed electric motor
  •   Chain transmission
  •   Self-developed motor controller
  •   Communication via CAN-Bus 


  •   CFK Tooling of all parts using the VAP process
  •   Chassis parts manufactured with prepreg technology
  •   Monocoque:
              •   Integral design for enhanced stability
              •   Weight without attachment parts 5,1 kg
              •   Aerodynamically optimized shape
              •   10 mm aluminum honeycomb as sandwich material
  •   Top cover-monocoque: conic flange as connecting element
  •   Top cover: flange connects to monocoque; embedded solar cells
  •   Crossbeam: self-supporting, aerodynamically neutral airfoil
  •   Windshield: 3D formed PMMA
  •   All attachments made of CFRP 


  •   Complete optimization and new construction
  •   3 wheels for reduced rolling friction
  •   Axles adjustable in all dimensions
  •   Space saving, precise front axle steering based on Bowden wires
  •   Specifically designed kinematics of the front axle for reduced rolling friction and optimal handling
      while cornering
  •   Hydraulic disc brakes 


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