Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


The goal of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is to drive innovation in solar-powered vehicles and sustainable transport by bringing together global teams to design, build and race high performance solar vehicles on Australia‚Äôs challenging terrain.

The objective is for teams to design and build a solar-powered vehicle from scratch. In our event class, challenger class, the team will travel 3,021 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide with one battery charge at the beginning. All other energy must be received from the sun or recovered from the kinematic energy of the vehicle. 

The goal of the challenger class is to have the earliest finish time arriving in Adelaide, while complying with the regulations of the race.




6 m2

solar panels


event location

August 2025

event date


Starting in Darwin in the Northern Territory, the route follows Stuart Highway to Port Augusta and then continues via Highway 1 to the finish line in Adelaide in South Australia. 

On the way, teams must stop for 30 minutes at fixed control stops, allowing time to switch drivers and orientate the solar panels to the sun for charging.