Who we are

We are a highly motivated and diverse group of students at the Technical University of Munich, with a passion to contribute to the development of “green” mobility. We welcome all students who want to help drive forward the future of electromobility and gain practical experience with our cutting-edge technology. Our uniquely interdisciplinary approach invites students from all areas to innovate together and achieve our goals.

What drives us

At the TUfast Eco Team we are committed to our vision that the future of urban mobility will be built on efficiency, sustainable electrification and autonomous driving. Towards this end, we design and manufacture an urban concept vehicle engineered for extreme electrical and aerodynamic efficiency. To continue to challenge ourselves we compete internationally in motorsport competitions such as the Shell Eco Marathon. Parallel to this we strive to be actively involved in the newest developments of the automotive industry, with the development of our autonomous driving system a major focus of the 2023 season.

Our Goals for this Season

After one of our most successful seasons to date with muc022, the team faces a new set of obstacles and exciting opportunities for the coming months. Much like the rest of the automotive industry, supply disruptions and globally high levels of inflation provide significant challenges for the team. As the team adjusts to economic realities, we aim to thrive in this new environment in the way we always have, through engineering creativity, operational ingenuity and commitment to our vision.
muc023 will present a holistic approach towards achieving our goal of reaching first place in the Shell Eco Marathon, with improvements made in each system to achieve maximum overall efficiency. Towards this goal, we have applied cutting edge technologies such as MBS and Topology Optimization on components across the suspension and steering systems, creating weight reductions up to 50% whilst maintaining stiffness.
Meanwhile our continued aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel simulations is bearing fruit with significant theoretical reductions in the overall drag coefficient observed. The production process itself has also been optimized with new techniques re-cycling carbon molds allowing a more sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process whilst simultaneously reducing overall vehicle chassis weight. To complement this advancement, our operations team continue reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable sourcing, aiming to a fulfill our vision as an Eco team.
Parallel to these advancements, our Autonomous team is aiming to make an exciting step in its detection technology, introducing a tree-based 3D occupancy map. This system integrates LiDAR, radar, ultrasonic and depth camera information to allow for long range maneuver planning along close range detection.
All these developments will cumulate into making muc023 our most successful Urban Concept Vehicle to date, with the aim of winning the 2023 Shell Eco Marathon and progressing our autonomous system.