Who we are

The TUfast Eco Team is designated for students at the Technical University of Munich who are interested in all aspects of the development of highly efficient vehicles. TUfast Eco Team is for students who wish to be involved in the development of autonomous software, to actively participate in the latest innovations of electromobility and gain practical experience through numerous opportunities. Our focus is on the development of innovative solutions through interdisciplinary cooperation.

What drives us

Our goal is to design and manufacture an energy-efficient urban concept vehicle to compete in international competitions, with the largest being the Shell Eco Marathon. We have also been developing the autonomous driving system for several years, and it will continue to be a major focus in the 2022 season. With our efforts we want to elevate awareness about the possibilities and importance of “green” mobility. What motivates us above all else is the opportunity to be actively involved in future mobility and independently implement the newest developments of the industry.

Our Goals for this Season

The Corona Pandemic affected many aspects of our usual operations. We were no longer able to demonstrate parts of our work in competitions nor present them to our viewers. In addition, personal contact with each other had to be replaced by online meetings. Despite these and many other challenges we have outlined new objectives to pursue our ultimate mission – efficiency. 

Muc022 must be even more efficient. We have set ourselves the goal of optimal performance in the Shell Eco Marathon 2022. To achieve this, aerodynamic optimization and reworking of the chassis are essential. We are fundamentally overhauling the chassis to minimize efficiency losses. We have scheduled a four-month testing phase for this and other updates to detect and improve these aspects. For this season, we plan to be able to convert the car from autonomous to efficient for the first time. This will be realized through two different skirts.

The autonomous unit will be further improved and largely redesigned. With the help of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), orientation will be improved to determine positions more precisely. Furthermore, the trajectory planning will be optimized to reach the destination faster and more efficiently. For orientation, muc022 will have a wide-angle camera and a stereo camera. Supporting lidar sensors will be installed to measure the distance to objects. As a result, the vehicle will be ideally prepared for slalom and track challenges. 

In Electrical Engineering, there are various new projects. The inverter, newly developed in 2019 is designed to operate two synchronous motors, which will be implemented this season. Furthermore, the self-developed motor test bench will be incorporated. With the help of a simulation, various tests are to be implemented. To remain successful in the long run and to consistently increase our efficiency, it is important to know the performance of the current system. For this purpose, a new display will be installed with the aim to show dynamic processes in real time to the driver in order to increase driving efficiency.

With these new developments the efficiency of the muc022 will be improved. With our two new skirts we will be able to compete in autonomous as well as energy efficient competitions in the new season. With muc022, we aim to achieve new success in competitions, increase our efficiency and broaden our capabilities in autonomous driving.