World Record – 2016

Guinness World Record

Most efficient electric vehicle

Alumni of the TUfast Eco Team set a new energy efficiency world record in the category “Most efficient electric vehicle” on 16th July 2016, which was officially confirmed by Guinness World Records. The full report is available here. The energy consumption is 81.16 Wh / 100km at an average speed of 25 km / h – just like the Shell Eco-marathon.

These can be converted into the following units:

km/l S95
l/100km​ S95
mpg S95

On 9th July 2019, this world record was broken by the Duke Student Team from Duke University.

Congratulations from our side! You can read more about it here.


Our eLi14 was reactivated and upgraded for the world record. The upgrade included the following measures:

  •  Revised inverter design

  •  Energy-optimized control electronics

  •  New aerodynamic lid without solar cells 

  •  Weight-reduced rims

  •  Improved storage concept with ceramic hybrid bearings

  •  Model-based design of the drivetrain

  •  Motor with silver wire winding to reduce ohmic losses

We thank the following sponsors for their support.

The following team worked on the car and set the world record.